Moisture Mapping and Infrared Inspection
water damage infrared inspection with a Flir B-2 camera at a high rise construction project
Water Damage Restoration

Infrared inspection cameras provided by Flood Rentals Hawaii are powerful tools for quickly finding moisture in buildings, or for making sure all moisture has been removed after drying operations.

Excess moisture creates small temperature differences in the wet material and displays the cooling effect of evaporating moisture, and thermal capacitance (the ability of a material and substance to retain and transfer thermal energy). Infrared detection is an excellent way to locate suspicious areas, which can then be checked with a moisture meter.

These images show a few of the ways that thermal infrared cameras are being used during moisture mapping surveys. After drying is complete, comparing infrared images from before and after allows the client to assess the drying progress. Drying the structure properly will reduce the potential for costly mold remediation claims.

FLOOD RENTALS HAWAII managers are certified in building science thermography and can assist you with demonstrating thermal infrared inspection cameras and moisture meters.

Digital Image - Wet Wall
Infrared Image - Wet Wall
Thermal Infrared Camera
IR Image of Water Damage
Digital Image
IR Image After Drying
IR Image Wet Kitchen Ceiling
Digital Image
IR Image After Drying
Digital and Infrared Image - Water Damaged Wall