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Kwiet Power Diesel Generator
Kwiet Power Diesel Generator
Convert 50-Amp 240V to 100-Amp 120V Single Phase Power With 6-20amp Straight Blade Outlets
50-Amp Spider Box

Kwiet Power towable diesel generators provide ideal rental solutions for temporary and emergency power requirements ranging from 36-kW to 400kW. Tadem-axle trailers allow easy towing. All models feature quiet operations (65 dBA at full load). Our 36-kW ultra quiet models features a 56 dBA at full load for sensitive residential areas. Our generators feature auxillary fuel tank capacity for over 24-72 hours of run time at full load. Multiple voltages are easily configured with single or three phase power output. Flood Rentals Hawaii managers are all certified in diesel generators and temporary power distribution systems.

Flood Rentals Hawaii also provides portable distribution panels with multiple power outlets from a 208V 3-phase or 240V single-phase source. 50-amp spider boxes provide multiple 20-amp 120V straight blade GFCI outlets for your electrical needs.