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Refrigerant DX Units - Dehumidification & Spot Cooling Systems

Spot Cooler
25 Ton DX Unit

DX Units
(direct expansion) also know as cooling-based refrigerant dehumidification-reheat systems provide large volume of dehumidified cool or warm air to water damaged structures. This system has the incoming air corss over the evaporator coils to reduce the absolute amount of moisture in the air via condensation. The air exits the cooling coil section of the dehumidifier at a reduced temperature, dew point, and specific humidity. It then passes over both the condenser coils and a series of reheat coils to (a) increase the temperature of the air and (b) reduce the relative humidity of this air. For high temperatures and high moisture levels, these systems are especially efficient in its ability to condense moisture out of the air. DX units may also be used to provide dryer cooler air for large desiccant dehumidification systems in both the pre and post process air outlets.

25 Ton DX Dehumidifier
25 Ton DX Units
DX Refrigerant Dehumidifier
DX Dehumidifiers
EB6000 Cool and Dehumidify

The Dri-Eaz Products EB6000 provides large capacity dehumidification/cooling to any water loss project.

12 DX Unit 10,000 CFM
5 Ton Dehumidified Spot Cooler