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6/20 Amp w/GFCI 120V Power Box


NEED MORE ELECTRICITY! Our temporary power adapters allow you to use any residential dryer or kitchen range for added power.

Get an additional 40 amps from the dryers recepticle or 100 amps from any kitchen range or just have our licensed electricians connect a hardwire pigtail to the electrical panel.

Flood Rentals Hawaii is your "Temporary Power Distribution Specialist"

2/20 Amp w/GFCI 120V Power Box
Range Adapter 3 Pronge w/Ground Plug 50A
Dryer Adapter 3 Pronge w/Ground Plug 30A
Range Adapter 4 Pronge 50A
Dryer Adapter 4 Prong 30A
Pigtail Adapter For Electrical Panel