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LGR 2000 Dehumidifier - New Construction Drying
Lumber is green or wet - build with it and it may warp, leading to warranty call-backs later when tape joints crack.

Drywall compound dries slowly - high humidity prevents coating applications from curing properly.

Drywall is damp - delays the next coat or sanding, throwing your schedule off track.

OSB subfloor edges swell - will it go down and will it need sanding?

Subfloor moisture stalls hardwood installation - you wait, or you install anyway and fix problems later.

Gypsum concrete is drying slowly - crews wait, profit dollar drain away.

Crawlspace is wet or damp - slows subfloor drying and invites dangerous mold contamination. (a potentially huge liability!)

Wood moisture content is high - sealers and adhesives won't set correctly.