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FLOOD RENTALS HAWAII services the general construction industry, hotels and resorts, water damage restoration contractors, mold remediation contractors, indoor environmental professionals and janitorial companies that handle water damage claims of any size in Hawaii. Our managers understand the true science of drying (psychrometrics) using the most sophisticated dehumidification, portable air movers and monitoring equipment to ensure effective results and elimination of environmental concerns. Proper drying is a critical step in effective restoration, done properly and promptly it can virtually eliminate concerns about mold growth and contamination. What are the five stages of water damage? Basic Guidlines For Water Damage Restoration S-500 Standards

Each FLOOD RENTAL location has various types of drying equipment for a variety of sized jobs so the most efficient method of drying can be employed. Equipment is available for daily, weekly or long term monthly rentals.

Our managers can also refer a certified structural drying contractor to assist your project where more complex issues are a concern. The water damage contractor will measure and quantify the drying to ensure building materials are at normal moisture levels before removing the dehumidification equipment. In addition to documenting and monitoring the drying process, their technicians will search out the obvious and hidden places where water has damaged the structure and develope a plan for drying. Call us today for Water Damage in Honolulu or Maui.

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